Military Grade Sonar & Echosounders

Our company is active in the field of underwater solutions with the state-of-the-art systems of ELAC SONAR. The company created in the early 20th century has vast expertise in communication under water. The underwater sound solutions of the company today are considered the highest technological systems with many simple solutions for the detection and communication in the world with the possibility of producing not only analog but also digital communication under water.

The systems of ELAC Sonar are of new technology with great capabilities over the systems already installed on the existing ships of the fleet. The SPHERE product from ELAC SONAR is the answer to all requirements in surveillance, mine and collision avoidance, underwater communication, and measurement. We no longer think about sonar technology in products, but about holistic solutions, fully guided by customer needs. We focus on simplicity, scalability, and interoperability. SPHERE integrates previously segregated sonar systems into a versatile single system.

Sphere® produces, transmits, and processes bulk sonar data from all existing functions and user sensors. In this way, the maximum benefit of customers for current and future projects is achieved. Through the actual modular architecture in hardware and software, the customer-specific configuration of the components and even the user-implemented algorithms, you make it your product

Our company is next to the Hellenic Navy for the supply, maintenance and upgrade of the critical submarine tracking systems and the subsequent upgrade of these. For more information, more specific advice on your own needs and offers please contact the sales representative at the or by phone 0030-210-9843863 // mob ̈0030-6974263104

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