Underwater Military Communication

Our company is active in the field of underwater telecommunications with the state-of-the-art systems of ELAC SONAR. The company created in the early 20th century has vast expertise in communication underwater. The underwater phones of the company today are considered the highest technological submarine communication systems in the world with the ability to produce not only analog but also digital communication under water.

ELAC's systems are currently located on the Navy's critical frontline naval platforms, including the Type S and MEKO200 frigates, as well as on all submarines in the fleet. It is worth noting that for special missions by the special forces it is possible to supply with portable special underwater phones.

Our company is next to the Hellenic Navy for the supply, maintenance and upgrade of critical underwater communication systems and their subsequent upgrade. For more information, more specific advice on your own needs and offers please contact the sales representative at or by phone 0030-210-9843863 // mob ̈0030-6974263104

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