Compliance - Security

Our company has the ultimate obligation to work with transparency and ethics. This is the cornerstone on which the smooth operation of the company relies upon and the main reason for its stable development. Only through ethics at all stages the company's shareholders, customers, creditors and partners can rely on the operation of the company in the future. Ethics is everywhere around us and characterizes the way we do our work. Ethics in human relations, ethics in the presentation of results, ethics in fault diagnosis, in warrantee execution, ethics even in competition is the only way to enhance the reputation of our company and ensure our customers.

If for some reason as a public or private customer, employee or third party, you feel or have a suspicion that you are a victim of a violation of our moral obligation as a company, we, the Board of Directors are here for you. We will ensure the anonymity to your complaint and will discreetly investigate it by all means in our authority. For this we are here and offer you the e-mail of our lawyer who will inform us regarding your topic with anonymity and even will be at your disposal to deliver you cost-free advice about it and its management. All complaints are examined seriously and confidentially.

Please find below the Code of Conduct of our company for which all employees have an inviolable duty to comply with and its violation provokes serious penalties up to dismissal.

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