Services on Engine’s Life Cycle Cost

Our company has the experience and the expertise to support investments based on our engines which have high operating hours. The engines used for energy production with oil or gas / biogas is the key factor on the profitability of the investment. In our company we are aware that only 2% of life- cycle costs are related to the purchase of the engine and that the investors are mostly interested in the operating costs, maintenance costs and the hours that the engine can operate per year. Studying the life cycle cost along with provision of extended warranty and detailed report of maintenance costs, investors and the credit funds which they cooperate with, can safely calculate the future cost of the genset operation.

Even for ships, warranty extension services and preventive maintenance are reliable tools that allow owners to calculate in advance the maintenance cost of the engine depending on operating hours and the vessels profile.

Special studies and programs depending on the operation and vessel’s workload, the extended warranty program or total maintenance program ensures the vessel’s engines operability and of course reduces the financial risk of a malfunction as it is covered by the warranty, helping the business financial planning.

If you are interested in Life Cycle Cost Services or for more information on these contact our support representative at, telephone 0030-210-9843863 // mobile 0030-6974263104.

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