Preventive Maintenance Services

Every single engine we provide, wherever located, must always be ready to operate. There are engines on yachts, on coastal ships, on our National Defence and Coast Guard, engines that produce electricity for our hospitals, local power stations in our islands, engines that provide electricity to our banks and industries, engines which must work in harsh environment, engines using biogas instead of fuel.

These engines must always be able to run and provide the highest reliability. This is the reason why the manufacturer studies and researches for years in order to produce models with maximum reliability at the lowest possible cost.
This raises the need for preventive maintenance service, which is applied through a suggested preventive maintenamce program to the engines ensuring that the various parts of the engine will be adequately prepared to cope with the needs of the engine’s purpose.

Preventive maintenance is not designed to increase the cost of ownership, but effectively to reduce it in the long run. For example, changing gaskets and seals at right intervals, allows for the periodic and optical checks on various components, controls the leaks or damages that could result in multiple costs in order to restore engine in previous condition. Changing the fuel injectors at the right time is critical as their malfunction even if there is no direct damage to the engine (although the lifetime of the wearing parts in the cylinders is adversely affected) consumption increases to levels that usually makes them uneconomic to use.

The manufacturer services as well as the official representatives’ services are not just for providing above services. Parts of the engine that can be rebuilt, are bought back to be repaired at the factory providing discount to the customer on the new products when there is a need to change the engine parts ( eg fuel injectors , pumps, cylinder heads etc. ).

Annual checks by certified technicians, special recordings with appropriate devices and other tests such as an endoscopy inspection by inserting a camera inside the combustion chambers, allows our company to give you a very good insight into the needs of your engine.

If you are interested in preventive maintenance services or for more information on these contact our support representative at or by telephone 0030-210-9843863 // mob. 0030-6974263112

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