Military Grade Marine Telecomunication Solutions

Our company is active in the field of naval telecommunications systems with the state-of-the-art systems of Hagenuk MarineKommunikation. The company created in the early 20th century has enormous expertise in communication. The company's communication systems today are considered the highest technological communication systems in the world and offer high-frequency communication solutions, antennas, message handling /control systems, IP based distribution systems,  and specialized signal transfer systems as well as integrated on-board communication management systems.

The systems of Hagenuk MarineKommunikation are currently located on the critical frontline naval platforms of the Hellenic Navy among which are the S-Type Frigates, the MEKO 200 type Frigates, Missiles Boats, Gunboats and all submarines of the fleet.

Our company is next to the Hellenic Navy for the supply, maintenance and upgrade of the critical naval communication systems and the subsequent upgrade of these. For more information, more specific advice on your own needs and offers please contact the sales representative at the or by phone at 0030-210-9843863 // mob ̈0030-6974263104.

Service Hot Line (24/7)

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