Consulting Services

Inspection services on an engine before purchase and sale of vessels is a tool designed to assist the owner 's judgment in sale and in purchase price. With special tools provided to us by the manufacturers, we can test during a sea trial the reliability of the engine by measuring all available data from the sensors. Pressures and temperatures in fuel, oil, water, air systems, injection timing and many more data allow us to understand the engine’s condition and the level of maintenance that will likely need after the purchase or sell.

Studying the maintenance and spare parts history of the engine, we can advise the owner for the future needs of the vessel giving a clear picture of future financial obligations assumed by its purchase. Even with invasive measuring methods as e.g. endoscopy, measuring compression pressure etc. we allow the prospective buyer of the vessel to have an overview on machinery and the investment to be undertaken.

If you are interested in inspection services, consulting services or for more information on these, contact our support representative at or by telephone 0030-210-9843863 // mob. 0030-6974263112

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