Oil & Gas industry & Mining Vehicles

In the Oil and Gas industry, in oil drilling platforms , in petroleum processing facilities as well as works carried several meters below the earth's surface , the most important requirement is safety. This is the reason why the best known manufacturers worldwide of machines intended for the particular industry, only choose diesel engines with high reliability.

With power range from 75 to 2800 KW, diesel engines are used in applications both onshore and offshore.

Typical onshore applications with diesel engines we meet on Gensets with continuous or prime power for electric drills and drilling rigs , pumps of various types such as mud and cement, mixers and several other applications .

For offshore applications, engines are used for the production of electricity - as gensets for main and backup function, for firefighting pumps for the protection of electrical installations, for the movement of cranes, for pumps of various types, for integrated hydraulic systems etc. or the demanding conditions of the mines, whether the works are carried out over the surface of the earth in an environment with high levels of dust and rough terrain or the works are carried out several meters below the surface , our company can offer the appropriate engine for operation under conditions of high temperatures , dust and humidity.

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