Diesel engines for fire fighting

Our company offers a wide range of diesel engines for firefighting systems and pump drives.

Engines range from 147 - 4.023bhp
Please see detailed sales program attached “1. MTU CI Sales Program”, specifically pages 17 - 18 attached.

VM MOTORI diesel engines -at 48HP, 72HP, 100HP & 150 HP at 3000 rpm
Please see detailed table attached “2. VM Motori Fire Fighting Engines”.
Above engines comply with standards EN 12845.

Clarkefire Diesel engines - ranging from 40 – 1.080bhp at 1.470-3000 rpm.
Please see detailed table attached “3. Clarkfire Engines Model Listing”
Above engines comply with standards EN 12845, UL&FM, NFPA20, APSAD, LPCB and Non-Listed.

For all these engine types we provide complete technical support and supply of spare parts for both new and older engine types.

For more information, you may contact our company.

Contact info: e-mail, phone: 0030-210-9843863

Service Hot Line (24/7)

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