Fuel Separation - Filtration Solutions

Our company has vast know-how in the propulsion and operation systems of the main engines of the ship. For the proper operation of the main engines, the company supplies separation and filtration systems of the fuel of the highest quality from the manufacturer ALFA LAVAL. ALFA LAVAL's systems not only ensure the cooling of the main engine under adverse conditions with the world-renowned system of cooling with seperate plates but also offer fuel separation and filtration systems. The separators offer the reliability to users that the fuel will have the quality required for proper combustion in the modern systems (Common Rail) of the diesel engines ensuring the operation of the engine and protecting the fuel injection system (injectors) that is extremely expensive to replace.

Our company always tries to serve customers with quality systems that aim at the trouble-free operation of your naval platform whether it is intended for recreation or professional purpose. The system, size and suitability are ensured by our company by special engineers who can guide you to the most suitable solution and of course all systems are supported by technical personnel of our company.

For more information, more specific advice on your own needs and offers please contact the sales representative at the or by phone at 0030-210-9843863 // mob ̈0030-6974263112.


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