Our company offers products for on board electricity generation. The generator on a ship is a critical tool like no other. The daily uninterrupted use, the functionality and the safety are connected with the correct function of a ship’s generating set. The genset is a widely used product, yet its use in marine application is a special case. Each ship has its own special needs which are very important for its function. The yachts have special noise and frequency requirements carrying on to the ship's frame. Military vessels have special needs for shock resistance while the passenger vessels should have the lowest possible fuel consumption per kWh.

The extensive experience of our company and the confidence gained from our customers from the whole range of the shipping industry, allows us to suggest suitable solutions for your needs, maximizing the potential of gensets based on your own priority. For main use or for backup, the solutions proposed by our company, range from basic engine up to complete “turn key” installation solution. Our company offers gensets with power ranging from 4,5kW to 2.900kW

For more information or advice based on your special needs and requests for offers, you may contact our Sales Represenative.

Contact info: e-mail // phone: 0030-210-9843863 // mobile: 0030-6974263118.

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