Natural Gas Genset & Cogeneration Units

In recent years, energy production has become imperative to be independent from oil burning, as both the decrease of available oil stocks and the harmful environmental effects are powerful incentives for the relevant industries to change strategies.

Our company offers complete Gensets for natural gas burning. The range of produced electric power starts from 120kW and reaches up to 2500 kW .

For the entire range of offered units we offer full technical support coverage, ensuring their uninterrupted operation.

MTU engines used in these gensets are built for continuous operation and are designed and manufactured exclusively for gas burning.

Apart from the Electricity production we offer all the necessary peripheral equipment for the partial or full exploitation of the heat produced by the genset acting as a Cogeneration Heat and Power plant.

Our units can be also delivered in container if required and can include all the necessary equipment pre-installed in order to be ready for immediate use.

The extended experience of MTU Onsite Energy on this kind of application and the continuous optimization through the research and development, offer nowadays some of the most efficient units on the market making the company among the leading companies in the sector.

Over and above the environmental and the economic benefits that can be earned by producing electricity from a natural gas CHP unit, these units are highly efficient (often with efficiency more than 90 %) particularly when except the electricity use, the production of heat can be fully exploited.

MTU Onsite Energy CHP Units with Natural Gas are widely used to:

  • Hospitals
  • Greenhouses
  • Hotels
  • Pools
  • Industry
  • Public Buildings
  • etc

 Greenhouses are a typical example of this case, where among the other benefits from using CHP units, the CO2 from the exhaust gas can be exploited and used as plant fertilizer after being isolated through appropriate process.
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