Genset Units

Our company offers a comprehensive range of generating sets which can fully meet even the most sophisticated requirements and may be used in the most critical applications. Subject to the request of the customer, our gensets are built for Continuous Power applications, Prime Power , Standby Power , Mission Critical applications and for other categories depending on the requirements of each installation.

Energy Gensets are using various engine types in order to cover almost all customer needs: from 30 KW up to 3.250 ΚW.

Energy Gensets are widely used for:

  • Airports
  • Hospitals
  • Telecommunication companies
  • Data Centers
  • Construction Sites, Industry, Cooling Units
  • Hotels
  • Power plants
  • Public Governmental Buildings and many other applications

Energy adheres to the highest manufacturing standards and uses gensets with latest generation engines and alternators. The engines and the gensets are electronically controlled by appropriate control panels and depending on customer demand they can be provided with all the necessary peripheral equipment (switchboards, preheaters, battery chargers, etc.) in order to constitute an integrated total and be instantly available for use.

The units are available on 50 and 60 Ηz, open or with soundproof canopy or in container and the gensets are thoroughly tested before their delivery by the manufacturer.

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